Flu vax given instead of a liver punch.

Firstly, it is important to open up this post with a massive apology to Miranda from Vaccine Free Australia (a secret antivaccination group based in Australia) who shared her story. We aren’t mocking your story at all. We are sharing your story for the world to see. And here is a good chance to learn the pain you went through with your shot that you got despite signing documents and being in a pharmacy and you still didn’t realise you got an influenza shot? Well, to the trolls… Let’s start with that.

Miranda Sheppard1

Your group is secret and perfectly safe. Your story is being shared to help other people in the same situation as you. We’re not making stuff up, we’re not editing or lying about you, we’re merely showing that you believe your vaccine injury is so real and you’re our anecdotal proof of it.

So, without further ado, what was the whole influenza/liver shot debacle all about?

(some names blanked out where they were considered unimportant to the story)

Here is the opening post five hours after it was posted (the post has since been deleted, of course, because of the amount of stupidity on it).

Miranda Sheppard2

Here’s the first 3 comments as seen in the original post at TAVS: Here

Miranda Sheppard3

And this is what happened after those comments. Brace yourselves.

Note the other Sheppard, that’s apparently her mother. They’re a mother/daughter Poe team (hopefully).

Miranda Sheppard4

Miranda Sheppard5

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Miranda Sheppard7

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Miranda Sheppard17

Miranda Sheppard17

Did someone say hypochondriac? Yeah, that’s right, she is suffering from something!

This stemmed from a massive line of denial right from the word go. Here’s some other headline posts by Ms Sheppard:

Miranda Sheppard19

Miranda Sheppard20

In this next shot she didn’t think chemists (pharmacists) were good for advice then, but she went to one anyway and got liver punched? Interesting… it all seems to be adding up.

Miranda Sheppard21

And this seems to be one of the first serious and plausible threats to her child’s health. You can actually hear the panic in her typing. Cold sores can be dangerous to infants.

Miranda Sheppard22

The panic just continued for months prior to the post we’ve detailed. We’ll let you be the judge if she has a limited grip on reality. You see, we’re pro-choice!

Miranda Sheppard23

How about relating real life to movies then?

Miranda Sheppard24

Miranda Sheppard25

She ‘won’ a vaccination exemption? A medical exemption? Based on what grounds?

Miranda Sheppard26

And this is her story…

Miranda Sheppard27

There it is, unedited, in full. You be the judge, did this woman really receive a liver shot? A flu shot? Or even Ipecac? You make your own mind up….