Antivaxer’s child ends up in hospital after terrible medical advice

Australia has had its fair share of publicity recently. A naturopath has been arrested after telling a mother to stop all medical treatments for her child. The child was in a serious condition when police intervened (read the story here). If this was the only case that ever happened, that would be too many. But looking at antivaccination groups, the incredible misinformation is sometimes life threatening. And this is a case. Bronwyn Hancock has a long history of antivaccination ties. She is no stranger to pseudoscience, here she peddles medical advice that leads to a baby being hospitalised in what can only be described as a terrifying situation for the mother who listened to her.

But Bronwyn doesn’t apologise or even suggest she made a mistake, instead she goes on to blame the medical establishment and tried to back her flimsy ideas without any evidence. It isn’t a matter of if, but when a child dies as a result of misinformation from people like this, who will be held responsible? Here is a full, unedited set of screenshots from Vaccine Free Australia (a secret antivaccination group on Facebook) showing just how this misinformation became a serious case requiring hospitalisation. Notice the mother is no longer part of the group and several others are also no longer in the group.

Bronwyn Hancock

The misinformation continues and the seriousness of the fever begins to escalate.

Bronwyn Hancock1

Bronwyn continues to dig her hole even further here. Not a word of sorry that she endangered this mother’s child. Not even an admission she was wrong. She just continues to sling mud at the medical world.

Bronwyn Hancock2


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  1. 2015-07-17

    […] An extremely disturbing blog post was published this morning (Australian time), which provides an account of the provision of dangerous medical advice, by unqualified anti-vaccination movement leaders, in a closed Facebook group named Vaccine Free Australia – administered by Courtney Hebberman and Luke O’Hehir (Luke E Lawless) – which consists of 3100 members. Please spend five minutes reading this post, from Things Anti-Vaxers Say (TAVS), which contains the full Facebook thread: Antivaxer’s child ends up in hospital after terrible medical advice. […]