Rabies, as harmless as a common cold and easily fixed with vitamin C.

What happens when potentially rabid bats cause havoc in a family house? The first thing to think about is do the antivax crowd know more than the doctors who are trained in this? Here’s a full, unedited copy of every comment at Vaccination Re-Education Discussion Forum.

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Again, just keep in your mind that an animal biting isn’t the only method of transmission. Secondly, the immunoglobulin is given first with already made antibodies, but you need to make your own, so a vaccine is also given in a series of shots. And yes, the first comment of the next section does recommend lots of sex. This is a recommendation, of course, but not as a preventative for rabies.

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Did you notice a few names being ‘greyed’ out? They are people who have been kicked out of the group, perhaps they were talking too much common sense? They don’t want that in an de-education group.

But finally, check out the vitamin C advocate (better late than never).



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Yep, there it is. Vitamin C will cure rabies.


Do you recall Don Houston from our earlier posts? This is what he once said about rabies.


If the bats do turn out to have rabies, there is no amount of advice anyone can give you if you have contracted the disease that will make it better. The only thing you can do at that stage is trust the medical establishment. Checkmate.