Australian antivaxers avoid the doctor at all costs

It still pains us to believe this goes on despite a trip to the doctors being free (for most). Read the comments to see just how severe this neglect is.

Kath Baxter1a


In this section, Kath Baxter suggested she has sent photos to the doctor and he was all ‘ok’ with what she was doing. How many doctors would look at this and suggest what this mother is doing is ok? What kind of doctor says that?

Kath Baxter2aa

Take careful note, this took place between June 21st and June 23rd. She was told by only TWO people to go to the doctor which she ignored. What has occurred recently?

Kath Baxter 3Let’s take a look at ho EO (Essential Oils) rock shall we…

Recall, this is over at least 10 days. Is this really a recovery by oils? Yes, the wound looks better, yes it has begun to heal by itself (without the aid of modern pharmaceuticals perhaps) but at what risk and what cost?


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The risks these mothers take with their own children is astronomical. All she needed to do was go to the doctor. She could have still used her EOs (providing they do not interfere with any subsequent medicines) and she could then have said she was holistic.