An Exposé: Exposing the Exposure Groups – Part I

Antivaxers are a breed among their own as it is. Even though they are against preventative medicines, they don’t seem to be against spreading diseases. Whenever a scientist or provaxer suggests that antivaxers are bringing back diseases, we never expected them to be set up to actively spread them too. In this episode we look at some of the groups set up to to do just that, actively spread infectious diseases. Spreading diseases, no matter how harmless it may seem to an antivaxer, is an archaic and dangerous method of attempting to get either immunity or just to get the disease out of the way. Not long ago it probably wasn’t frowned upon to get your children infected with chickenpox and get that out of the way early. Unfortunately, doing that just exposes your child to the risk of shingles later on in life. There have never, to my knowledge been polio exposure groups, diphtheria or pertussis exposure groups, ebola exposure groups.

But where does it stop? Who are these people willing to risk their lives and the lives of their children and others in their community? This first screenshot is direct from a group that is actively attempting to spread not only chickenpox but measles, rubella and even mumps.


Talia Ferro (aka Talia Jager), Amanda Witt, Maxine Howard, Christine Smith and Norah Daley are the main instigators of this secret group of over 400 members. Notice how they seem to think they are staying above the law by not allowing posting of infectious disease material, yet they are happy to spread the most infectious disease on Earth among their members. The death rate for measles, even in first world countries still peaks around one in every thousand cases. Talia has also set up a group devoted to spreading chickenpox as well. How this is perceived as being a ‘good’ service is anyone’s guess. She runs the same set up and rig as before in the measles exposure group, with fresh cases coming live in the opening post.

Talia Jager

In this screenshot a recent case of chickenpox is being offered in NE MN and another in FL. In this post we’ll be focussing on the group’s attempts at spreading measles. If by chance an exposure were to happen to measles in the measles group, do you think the parents in there would do the right thing and go to the doctor? Measles is a notifiable disease, but the members of this group mostly vote against going to the doctor.

Holly Kumpf Makanoeich

And when there is a suspected exposure for measles the group begins to jump for joy. But again, the antivax parent is unwilling to take their child to the doctor for a notifiable disease instead is willing to share it with other people to help spread the infection instead of actively containing it.

Courtney Stewart

Even when measles is present in their community, or close by, the group stumble over each other attempting to find a link to the case. The irony, of course, is that measles is so rare that because of the vaccine. It is now almost impossible for them to find a case. But it is not without their trying.

Jen Martinez


Nothing did happen in this case as there were no measles cases confirmed. Even though the group here said there was. An antivaxer lying? No? Surely not.

Aria Allen


Then we have the usual ‘blaming’ the antivaxers for spreading infectious diseases. Well, yes, now we have evidence that antivaxers actively attempt to spread diseases like measles. And yet, they then complain to their exposure group that they’re getting blamed! Irony is certainly lost on these poor souls.

Ona Brazewell

It appears no matter how much material is out there about the concerns and risks of measles, there will always be people who feel they can take matters into their own hands and risk spreading the disease through the community.

For the antivaxers who choose to read this, here are the statistics of infectious disease notifications and deaths in the United States. There is a similar page for notifications and deaths for the UK too here.

For the antivaxers who claim measles is just harmless, here is an article showing deaths from recent measles cases.

Measles is not just a harmless disease for many people. While some people will get away unscathed, many won’t. It is not curable with vitamin A and vitamin A may only lessen the risk of fatalities in those already deficient in the vitamin. There is no evidence that measles is safe to catch or even effective. Some people who are infected with measles will never gain immunity. Measles antibodies also do not pass through breast milk effectively and the only known preventative for children too young to be vaccinated is either avoidance or maternal antibodies. The latter wanes at approximately 6 – 12 months. And a small period may exist where measles can affect unvaccinated children. Please do not share measles. If you suspect you have been infected, or your children could have been infected, isolation is the only safe measure to prevent further people from being exposed. Do the right thing and be vaccinated!