A Day in the Life of a TAVS Admin – Part III

A day in the life of a TAVS admin part III

How much abuse can we cop at TAVS? Quite a lot. Our message box fills with people showing us posts from groups, pages, articles, and all sorts of social media outlets. But sometimes, yes, sometimes we get some very special private messages. Here’s a look into the TAVS inbox.

1Tina Allain

Usually we’re pretty good. If we’ve crossed the line, we try to uncross it. In this case, we didn’t cross the line and we didn’t try to uncross it at all.

In this case, we politely declined to remove the post.

2Tina Allain

You can’t tell that Tina is getting agitated. She keeps calm, collect, and stays focussed on the task at hand. In a time of crisis, this is the type of person you really want beside you. Someone who can keep it together under pressure, a surgeon of words so to speak. Here is one prime example of Tina and her word surgeon abilities. She should be a negotiator.3Tina Allain

By time Tina had calmed down a bit she managed to string together a few sentences that were almost coherent. It does sound like she might have thought that we all think we’re going to live for ever. There’s a fair chance that for as long as Facebook operates and there is an internet, TAVS will continue on for as long as The Harmful and Deadly Truth keeps providing us with the entertaining insights.

4Tina Allain

Only a few months prior to Tina begging and pleading (not once, but twice in two minutes) to have her post removed, Tina was bragging how good the publicity was for her page. Who is this ‘Egan’ fellow she talks of?

5Tina Allain

Tina then added Ronald ‘not my friend’ Walton to the chat for entertainment purposes. Ronald quickly expresses his concern of having an open page that targets people’s misinformation. Why he gets so upset that he has to report posts, is anyone’s guess. Of course, the whole ‘freedom of speech’ act is one of Ronald’s favourite. It doesn’t mean what he thinks it means, but at least he is totally hypercritical.

1 Ronald Walton

Not content with just suggesting I am the worst person on Earth, Ronald takes it to the next level just so those playing at home get a chance to feel the love too.

2 Ronald Walton

If you’re lucky enough Ronald will invite you over to his place. At least he won’t lay a hand on me, I am glad about that, because I’m not that kind of guy. I need more wooing than that. Of course, Ronald is into this kind of stuff that I am not into. It’s just not my thing Ronald, but of course, if we do go through with this, I think we should have a ‘safe’ word.

3 Ronald Walton

4 Ronald Walton

I have to say, this kinky stuff doesn’t wash with me. After all, despite being a seductive hacker god I am just not that kind of guy. But at least Ronald didn’t go as far to introduce the fact that he knew where I live and who my family is. Not like Jo Pullin from a secret group NZ Natural Immunity. Jo is a special kind of stalker. She thinks she knows me, my wife, my ex-wife, my children, my step children, my address my everything and even what I do for a living. And she makes it clear in private messages to me that she knows this. All except, errrrr, I’ve never been married!

Here Jo tells me who my loving reptilian girl friend is. Yep, that’s why I love her so much, it’s because she is RH negative.

1 Jo Pullin9b

Girlfriend’s name redacted, just in case other stalkers are present.

It would have been ok if she had just stopped there and messaged my loving RH negative pro-science love of my life and asked her. But, instead, I asked her myself. I literally asked the exact same question and the reply was short and simple; “of course I do.”

But that isn’t where Jo stops, instead she continues to show how much she has stalked by attempting to show she now knows my daughter’s name. Yep, my daughter, the pro-science, Gardasil vaccinated, fruit of my loons. Yep, that is her! Jo is really making me scared now (end sarcasm).

2 Jo Pullin9a

Of course, Jo was happy to show me that she knew so much about me like upcoming festivals in my home country and even continually showing that she knew what time it was where I am living. I admit, this is a massive step up from most antivaxers who think the time in the US is the time worldwide. Of course, Jo, and her curiosity did get the better of her. She did need to know what happened after my work found out I am an internet troll.

3 Jo Pullin6

Even with all that stalking Jo, Courtney and Janne do, they don’t seem to spread the information to Tina. I get the feeling even antivaxers find Tina too much.


Kiwis are unique in the fact they have nostrils at the end of their beak which is hugely different to most birds. I guess having their nostrils there means they can smell shit quicker too! Unfortunately Tina gets very confused about localities on Earth.


I don’t think this is time for a geography lesson, but let’s just say that Tina, a Canadian, probably wouldn’t care too much if I just called her American.

I’d like to leave you with a very special drawing that was created by the mind of our favourite intellectually challenged marshmallow. Here, she uses her imagination and really lets the artistic juices flow.

6 TinaAllain26