A Day in the Life of a TAVS Admin – Part II

A Day in the Life of a TAVS Admin – Part II

By Paul Davis

The blogosphere is a great place to really put all your woes into a basket and let the world see them. I realise that the first episode of ‘a day in the life of a TAVS admin’ showed a little about how the antivax cult like to lie. They even lie to their own kind. I’ll focus this post on Janne Witt, the one that was caught lying red-handed.

Being an admin at TAVS doesn’t negate your normal shill duties of calling out the lies when you see them. So, that is exactly what I do. In this case, a lovely post from a TAVS regular (who made the list I am sure) had posted to TAVS in the ‘Posts by others’ section on the left of the page (when using the big screen). Here is that post that got me to go to the longest ever ‘war of words’ on the internet that I had been part of. Honestly, I am embarrassed at the amount of shill time I spent there. But, in the end, to catch this one little lie, it was worth it.


Even after showing her the link I used to arrive at this page, the thought that she was worth ‘stalking’ empowered her so much that she even began to dissolve her own illusion that she herself was not stalking.

As a nice side, Janne links to Dr Yehuda Shoenfeld because he appeared on an antivax propaganda movie called “The greater good”. It was comforting to find Dr Yehuda Shoenfeld isn’t as antivax as Janne had hoped, here is one of his latest papers that clearly states “Vaccinations have been used as an essential tool in the fight against infectious diseases, and succeeded in improving public health.” http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S104366181400139X

Ouch! That must hurt when an ‘antivaccination’ doctor even says vaccine work!

He also goes on to say that the risk of adverse reactions are rare. Something we as a community have been trying to drum into the antivax cult for years! But, even when they hear from their own that vaccinations are safe, they go into massive denial. Enough about that though, we’re here to uncover liars.

The stalking allegations were one thing and one thing I’d own up to if it were true. But fortunately, as an evidence based scientist, I make sure there is evidence of my actions too. And here it is in the bright lights of the “Posts by others” on the TAVS Facebook page.


Hopefully the link stays fresh, you can use it, see for yourself exactly where I went to find ‘Janne’. If I had known she was there, I doubt I would have waited five days to go through this kind of fun.


Janne needs to learn to take her own advice too. If you are going to stalk someone Janne, make sure you don’t get caught doing it. Because Janne got very caught!


Janne continued to throw wild accusations of stalking and harassment, even though she was shown exactly where I got the link from to come to the poll. I was just happy Janne was there to show exactly what the antivax cult can do to people. I don’t think she is intentionally a liar, she just has to justify her existence in the antivax cult. I mean, lying about something like knowing where someone works isn’t really a ticket to the deepest darkest depths of hell. But it sure does signify just how seriously messed up this cult really is.

It must really upset the antivax crew to realise that we do have eyes on the inside of their groups. They think that I am some sort of hacker god too. To be honest, I even have troubles uploading this post to this blog, I don’t think I quite have the ability to hack into Facebook. But apparently, like Keanu Reeves in the Matrix, I am able to manipulate the code and see into their secret lives. I can even prevent people from blocking me!


If they hadn’t already contacted my places of employment, now they even want to contact my internet service provider!


But Janne is right, it would be fascinating to do a study on me. It would be fascinating to know why people would lie about knowing where I work or even that they think I am stalking them. It is becoming painfully obvious that the only way Janne can argue with me is to try and discredit my character. Well, the gig is up now Janne.

It was of course quite clear that Janne had this whole idea that I was stalking her based solely on a projection of how she was stalking me. I admit, when I accused her and her ‘crew’ of contacting my work I had based it solely on that one screenshot suggesting that contact had been made. Why would my boss tell me these things if they did contact my work? My ISP certainly never contacted me about my hacking abilities on the Facebook code either. But they certainly had plenty of anger in them. Janne shows just how absolutely certain she was that she never stalked me to find out where I worked. The threads are still there and if you click on the link from the TAVS page (here), you’ll even see the mess Janne made trying to cover her tracks.


That was March 12th. I am going to quote this word for word… “I do not know where you work…

Was this the only time she stated that? No, here in another comment…


Apparently I am seductive too. A poor gullible young miss. I never did find out who it was I seduced and what she shared about us and our most intimate moments. It appears I am not only a god of Facebook but a seductive one too.


This story gets more and more involved. The seduction, oh how I wished it were true. I keep thinking this admin thing I have been doing will pay off eventually. I had no idea it was so Vegas styled though. The seduction of an antivaccine temptress. Oh, what levels will they go to just to get me to stop putting screenshots on TAVS?

Of course, Janne made it pretty clear to the whole world that she had no interest in me or my employer and she wished me well. Thank you Janne.


Despite Janne earlier stating no one can block me because I am a seductive god of Facebook (yes, this is going straight to my head right now, firstly I am on ‘the list’ and secondly they seem to like making up stories amongst themselves, surely not an antivaccine trait at all?).

The good thing about the internet is it is a very public place. I always think you should treat the internet as though it were a pub and you were sober. If you’re on the internet and you’re going to lie, just think, is this what you’d do when you’re at the pub and sober? I don’t think it could be clear enough now that Janne believes she has never contacted my employer. Well, that much could actually be true. I don’t know if Janne did contact my employer. I just know for sure that Janne knew who my employer was.


So remember Janne states “I did not lie.

Janne also states “I have no idea who your employer is…”, “I do not know where you work…”, “I have no interest in you or your employer…”, “…and, no, I do not know where you worked…”, “I read rumours but I was never interested enough to confirm them…”

I think it is pretty clear that Janne believes she has never known where I worked, she has never been interested in trying to find out where I worked, and she clearly has never contacted my work. This is Janne’s world.

But when we come back to the real world we see quite a different story. Even in the secret antivaccination hotbed that is Vaccine Free Australia, we can see Janne cruelly lying to her own kind to save face. Why Janne? Why?


Credit where credit is due, my actual workplace wasn’t mentioned in that thread, but my employer certainly was. But did Janne not know anything about where I worked? Really?

As seen from my previous post (here), it is clear Janne, in February, knew more than enough to contact my employer. She had stalked me. She had identified a newsletter with me in it. She had linked to my workplace. So, really Janne, “I read rumours but I was never interested enough to confirm them…”?

All those comments were in March of 2015. But back in February, literally only a month before Janne claimed to not know anything about me Janne said this:


And Janne also said this:

Janne Witt6

I think it is both pretty clear that Janne knew where I worked, had an interest in where I worked, and is going to try to lie about stalking me in public just to try and discredit me.

Well, painful as this blogpost might have been to write it really does uncover the deep seated hatred that stems from the antivaccine crowd. They have never liked what they say themselves which is why they don’t like TAVS. When you say something on the internet at least try to make it honest!

Some of you while reading this will be gasping in horror at what antivax cultists do and what lengths they will go to to interfere in people’s private lives. I am not sure how they saw the events unfolding, did they want to see me fired? Did they think that I was going to lose my job or even get a talking to in regards to their meddling? Is that ok?

This goes for anyone on both sides. Here’s the sorts of things I don’t tolerate and nor does any of the administration team at TAVS. We don’t tolerate death threats or threats of harm. We don’t tolerate people telling others that their babies will die. We don’t tolerate meddling in the private affairs of antivaxers, or anyone for that matter, by contacting their work. We uphold the law. We do not stalk. We do not prey on antivaxers and we do not bully. If there is a case of child neglect we will contact the appropriate offices to seek help or we will ask one of you to do it for us if you’re local. We have done this before with some success. We do not do this to anyone where a child is not in danger of harm.

If you’re on either side of the debate and the debate seems heated to you, ask yourself why. But don’t take it so personally that you need to contact people’s place of employment, that is just not on. If you get the urge to stalk someone (like trying to find where they work) or you feel like you want to contact their place of work, just step back. Don’t do it. Your argument is with science (if you’re antivax) and for science (if you’re pro-science).

Anntivaxers like Janne have stated they do not trust the science, so there is no way on Earth anything we say can ever change their minds. But, we can do the right thing by continually adding the science to the conversations and never stoop to the level that is stalking. Never contact their place of work – really, why would you do it?

Be waiting for Part III of this exciting series when an antivaxer actually thinks that I actually was fired as a result of this encounter!