The Anti-Vax “Troll List”

Have you ever tried to visit an anti-science page only to be greeted with this message?


Congratulations! You’re on the Anti-Vax Troll List. This is a secret list of nearly 30,000 names which is maintained by a collective of several dozen anti-vax group admins.

There are a number of ways to be added to this list. The usual way is to ‘Like” TAVS or AVWoS, comment on a pro-science group. Sometimes having the wrong job or an education is enough, they really don’t like serious challenges to their cult’s beliefs.

We recently acquired an early May 2015 copy of the Troll List, have a peek and see if your name is there. N.B. There are some fake names added so we can tell if our list spreads off

Without further ado, we present The Anti-Vax Troll list